Sunday, 7 August 2011


Again, playing with paint. I started this picture as a digital one, but as it turned out, my graphics tablet isn't feeling so well. So I redrew it as a painting and then hopefully will come back to the speed paint version on photoshop.
It represents a lot of things, I love to draw angels not as beings of protection or holy ascent, but rather, like beasts: like a werewolf, perhaps. After all human beings are supposed to be too intelligent for their own good, and therefore corrupt - i imagine an angel to be more pure like a beast, or a child, and perhaps they suffer for it. Here, the angel's heart is literally stolen, his body ripped open by a demon/human action. It also started as a ref to one of my stories 'Canary Factory' which focuses on man's destruction and corruption and how it affects otherworlds. But I will come to that after I have finished the Morgan trilogy. :)

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