Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Little Mule

Little mule likes to paint ^^
This was a cute (perhaps over cute) attempt at a more stylized childrens cartoon. Simplifying animals is great fun to do, anyway, and seeing as I draw a lot of more grotesque art, its nice to keep the sweet side fresh.

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Christmas Pictures!

One of these is a doodle I expanded on showing Awa the troll (hasnt he changed? :)) I was inspired during a great lecture and drew him. Never been in a lecture theatre like that, it was with individual desks, like I imagined they would be! Huge!
The horse one was an Equine Secret Santa gift on Deviant Art. I was really pleased with it - they look shiny and plump in the snow ^^


A gift for Jessie :) I've been trying to do more tattoo based designs in the hope of making some money, seems to be working as I know a studio willing to take some designs on!