Tuesday, 23 August 2011


After going to the Royal Academy I was inspired! As museums often inspire me, it left me drawing on the train all the way home. I only have an HB with me but it was great fun - one of the sketches I drew was another angel, a bestial one, kind of more animal than man as my angel's often are, a sort of half way point between holy beings and humanity. He's one of the angels in my story Canary Factory, and can't speak, following doggedly to complete his mission like a loyal pet.

Friday, 12 August 2011

Red Heads

An old painting, I did this a few years ago but it still makes me smile ^^

Sunday, 7 August 2011


Again, playing with paint. I started this picture as a digital one, but as it turned out, my graphics tablet isn't feeling so well. So I redrew it as a painting and then hopefully will come back to the speed paint version on photoshop.
It represents a lot of things, I love to draw angels not as beings of protection or holy ascent, but rather, like beasts: like a werewolf, perhaps. After all human beings are supposed to be too intelligent for their own good, and therefore corrupt - i imagine an angel to be more pure like a beast, or a child, and perhaps they suffer for it. Here, the angel's heart is literally stolen, his body ripped open by a demon/human action. It also started as a ref to one of my stories 'Canary Factory' which focuses on man's destruction and corruption and how it affects otherworlds. But I will come to that after I have finished the Morgan trilogy. :)

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Pitch Work

Working lots on my pitch! I want to bulk it out as the best I can. I have to come up with a preferably two minute film, and present it up for vote. With any luck people will vote for me, and I will be able to direct next year: though the merits of being an animator for another film are also very beneficial. I shall just have to do my best and see what kind of films the majority want to see.
Here are a few preliminary sketches, though they will be more refined when I have finished the new ones. For a rough taster, its about a dog named Precious, who can see that which man cannot: this includes disease and death. However she can also see Death's true intentions - to help, not to harm the sick. She's a funny looking this, and I am hoping for something really stylized and quirky.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

The Tree of Temptation

After meeting one of my favourite Artists at a local fair, Ed Org, I couldn't wait to start painting again - I love his traditional work but couldn't get my hands on paint whilst I was at home..but now I can! It's been ages since I have done traditional painting, but I love it. So I decided to something feminine like Ed Org does - and tried to depict the biblical story of Adam and Eve, as Adam is tempted by the serpent. While I don't believe poor Eve was to blame in this story, I like the idea of her and the serpent being one.
Got to keep working on anatomy in this one, I did guess a little, but it gave me a chance to think more about the arms which sometimes can be tricky.