Friday, 25 March 2011

Alex Tomlin's Showreel

A short showreel of work in progress and work created throughout the first and second year of Animation at University.

Character Design revisited

This is Kobe revisited, from 'Red Locust'. His new turn around isn't done yet, but I drew him again a little younger this time. He definitely suits having a more aqua skin tone, the green just didn't work for him. Maybe he'll smile in the turn around...

Life Drawing and Character design: revisited

Remember Enda? Here is his full character sheet, with expressions, etc. I used it when I submitted my portfolio to China and was successful in gaining a month of work experience there, working on 'Return to the Sea'.

Recent Art

Thursday, 17 March 2011


Though I havent updated in a while, I have been drawing and animating so much! Life drawing, animation, photoshop projects, remaking poster and painting, troll month of drawing troll tribes - busy, busy, busy bee :) And its paying off as i feel i am steadily improving!
Here's another superhero updated, Wishmaker, a comrade of my earlier painted 'Amphibian' a few months back. I think he turned out well :)
Bare up for more stuff, its all grouping together!