Monday, 30 November 2015

Persistent Crush

A design for the #CharacterDesignChallenge which takes place on facebook every month. I have always meant to join in and there are some really inspiring designs on there, so having a go with my first entry during the theme of 'Olympian Gods'. Cupid has always been my favourite, and I imagine him as that niggling, persistent crush we feel - perhaps for someone we shouldn't, or out of reach, or someone who has hurt us - but it presses us on against our lack of confidence, to pursue them. He just keeps going!

Monday, 16 November 2015

Happy winter!

More art! I finally began adding to my 'Seasons' series of Mother Nature and Pan - do you recall my piece, 'Sleep', that showed Mother Nature dying in winter and Pan staying at her side to die with her? It recently sold at a charity auction to raise money for animals in need. This new piece (above) is called 'Spring' and shows the newly born Mother Nature meeting Pan for the first time. They will repeat this every year for all time. The other piece is more of my centaurs, which I may ink later as well. Happy winter!