Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I figured that if centaurs did exist in some world or another, then other hoofed people would as well. As part of a fun brief I made for myself, nicknamed project 'Cloot' I'm drawing different centaur characters based on other animals people may disregard as 'ugly' for the centaur role. But lets face it. Hoofed animals are spectacular in all of their differing qualities - if they spit, frolic or roll in mud, what more characteristics could you hope to play with?
This is Ferdinand, a llama centaur. I know he's not quite right for a llama - he could be pudgier, this is more of an underweight llama to be fair. I drew him in a lecture, after the idea coming from my sketch of 'Puck'. Puck isn't really any sort of creature, just a mash of donkey, cow and goat. But I still love his ears <3 Look out for more Cloot characters!

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