Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Miles final design (age 12)

Miles - finally reaching a final design! I studied the skeletons of rhebus monkeys, squirrel monkeys and dogs, as well as chimps, but the best and most fitting for him was the lemur - monkeys have a shoulder blade placed across their back, like humans too, and of course hands and thumbs (of sorts). They also seemed to have shallower ribcages. For him, I wanted a dog like approach on four legs but whenever I drew him with the body of a more four legged animal it lost the strange whimsy I wanted for him. Lemurs were perfect: they retained the hands but had a sort of weighty ribcage and lowered shoulder blades like you would see on a dog. His anatomy took much influence from them, though in the end I kept his shoulder blades upright. His hands are like a lemurs, resonably dextrous, but their main function is still for walking.

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