Saturday, 7 July 2012

Purge Screenshots

Having become an official Animation Graduate 'Purge' was premiered at the BFI, and I have never been more proud. It was a long learning journey but was worth the strength, and my advice would be to undergraduate animators to push forwards, especially when te going gets tough. And now that my film is finished, I can upload screenshots of the final cut! 'Purge' follows a dog who can see Death coming for her owner and who then attempts to save him. The film features CG and hand drawn animation and was coloured in toonboom. The layouts are not my work, but the animation in the screen shots shown, as well as the line clean up, is my own. A great big thanks to all of the layout artists who helped make Purge possible. You can see some animation in progress in my vimeo account - I can't show the full film for another 18 months as my University owns the rights, but I am allowed to share these pictures. It was hard work but it was worth it!

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