Thursday, 19 May 2011

Back from China!

Wow, a long and difficult, but beneficial trip to China! I had the great fortune of working in an animation studio as an intern for a month, the Glory n Dream studio, and was asked to work as a concept artist for an anime, called Anima Warrior. It reminded me of my days watching and loving Beyblade, Digimon and so forth - the really 'kid friendly' animes. I learnt a lot about photoshop and following strict deadlines, and working on graphics tablets. Made me want a new one!
There isnt a lot I can upload from the anime on here, especially since it is the earliest parts of pre-production, and it would be very unprofessional of me to upload it. Maybe in time it will come up on tv and then I can? :) Its been commisioned for 48 episodes in China as it is, so we shall have to see.
Here are some designs from my zoo trip, and I've been doing more to improve my work, following artist studies and character concepts, as well as some sketches in China. hooray ^^

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