Thursday, 2 September 2010


One thing i love almost as much as typing and drawing is making dolls. It might sound odd, but its a great way to do something tactile and create characters in your own stories; they are easy to do and i have had great fun over time making them for requests, birthday gifts and for my own collection. My favorite characters can sit on my desk and smile at me after a hard day! The name 'Fugly' doesn't need explaining. I think you all know what it means, and it comes from my earliest creations which were, lets say, worthy of such a description - and it made me love them even more. A few of the Fugly's I have here are the group of misfits from my trilogy, 'Morgan', which include vampires, witches and one eyed dogs - and an avatar tribute I made to celebrate the amazing CGI movie. All you need is cotton wool, felt, a needle and thread - and a lot of love! <3

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